Workplace wellbeing; a time to engage

By 2018, 75% of HR directors reckon that employee wellness will be formally measured and reported on, hence making it a necessary business investment.  This was the findings in the The Flux Report by talent management specialist Right Management.

In the report, 53% of HR directors stated that employees’ ability to deal with unanticipated problems is the key attribute for future business success. How agile is that!  It goes on to say, “Organisations cannot afford to have an unwell, unproductive and overwhelmed workforce. If the flux of the last five years has taught us anything, it’s that resilience is a key attribute both for individuals and organisations. However employees shouldn’t be expected to make this journey on their own. Their employer has a responsibility to ensure that they have the right support structures in place to be able to manage stress and perform well”

As well as helping workers to adapt and change and boosting employee engagement, the report suggests that workplaces should introduce wellbeing programmes.  It seems that organisations that spend more time promoting wellbeing and resilience will see an upturn in performance, engagement and productivity. The report suggested that wellbeing programmes results in an 80% improvement in performance and see an intangible return in areas such as psychological contract, improved sense of wellbeing, resilience and enhanced positive regard for the employer.

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The Flux Report by talent management specialist Right Management