Stragedy! When the feelings gone and you can’t go on…

When your vendor is telling you that you cannot have the infrastructure needed for your first release because it doesn’t fit the overall ‘strategy’

When you’re offered statements like, “of course we can do a ‘tactical’ solution now but this will create 5 times the amount of effort later when we have to integrate the tactical solution into the ‘strategic’ solution. Or, if you wait for the strategy to be implemented, the cost will then be only a fraction of doing the tactical solution.

You can explain that not doing the release on time means that you won’t be in business to reap the benefits of the strategy but this is of no consequence to the strategists, the strategy is everything. If we do the strategy we can have jam tomorrow but, as Lewis Carrol said, “never jam today

The economist John Maynard Keynes also observed that we are more concerned with the remote future results of our actions than their immediate effects “By pushing his jam always forward into the future, he strives to secure for his act of boiling it an immortality.” (Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren, vol. IX, pp. 329-3) In other words, working on the  strategy is a better long-term economic prospect for the vendor than is fixing today’s problems.

What we are describing are not strategies but stragedies. ‘Stragedy’ being the term we’ve coined to describe the situation where today’s needs are sacrificed on the altar of tomorrow’s promises.

Cue the band Steps: “Stragedy! When the feelings gone and you can’t go on, it’s a stragedy, etc, etc “