About the Stories

Why the Stories?

Most of the work we do is of a confidential nature. After all, many of our customers only come to us when they are having problems.

We certainly find it amusing to read case studies and whitepapers published by consultancies that highlight in detail how they solved the customer’s problems whilst failing to realise they have ‘outed’ their customer’s inability to manage their organisation. We know it’s good to air ones problems and it can be cathartic, too, but think of the damage you can do to a company’s share price with those revelations. Why do you think NDAs were invented?

So we write stories instead. Doing this allows our followers insight into interesting situations and how we handled them in a way that doesn’t reveal damaging information about our clients.

We like to think this gives our clients confidence that we won’t come chasing them for exceptions to the NDA and we won’t be begging them for help with whitepapers either.

But Why Stories?

This is the twenty-first century and we feel that whitepapers and case studies really belong in the 1990s. They’re a bit of a hangover from the last century. Nobody nowadays wants to read a schmaltzy version of how a wonderful consultant came along, and made everything in the garden rosy. Especially one that’s a few thousand words long and is going to take half a morning to read and digest. There isn’t time for this tedium anymore. We recognise our customers are busy people so we try to condense each concept into less than 750 words to make it readable in five minutes or so.

Who Writes the Stories?

We all do! Each of the VDS partners has their own mine of experience and many stories to tell about their work in helping organisations improve. We don’t name the individual partner in each story as that might give a clue as to the customer, we always refer to whoever it is as ‘Colin the Consultant’

Are They True Stories?

Yes they are, they are true-life events and conversations that happened to one or more of our partners. We simply recast it with our own made-up characters and locate it in our own made-up company. They are syntheses of real events with fantasy characters and locations.

Don’t You Ever Write Whitepapers Then?

We’re happy to. We understand that some organisations may want to trumpet their improvements. We’d counsel our customers to use better, more modern ways of doing it but at the end of the day, we are a service organisation and if the customer values whitepapers then we’ll deliver that value.