What Does a Typical Consulting Engagement Look Like?

Unlike many consultancies, we don’t have a set ‘way’ of doing things. We respect our clients and understand they all have different needs, different drivers and different values. We think the belief that one approach is capable of covering every customer’s needs is naiive, to say the least. We don’t believe it is appropriate to take a defined approach to what we believe are empirical problems.

Can You Show Me How To Do Agile?

We’d like to help you understand Agile as an adjective, not a verb or a noun and we will help you improve your delivery of value. Many of the principles and practices we recommend can be described as Agile but measurable improvement is the goal, not ‘being Agile’. Fast, nimble, flexible and agile are simply terms to describe your processes when we’re finished.

So How Does It Work Then?

Firstly, we’d like to understand what it is you’re trying to achieve. For example, you may be having problems delivering projects. Rather than simply offering training or coaching, we’d like to help you understand the underlying causes of the problem and how you will measure any improvements before suggesting any remedial actions.

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