stakeholder value

SAFe Weekend Training

Can’t afford to take time off work to learn about Scaled Agile? Spend a weekend training with @davidputmanUK LondonApr 25 Certified SAFe Agilist: Leading #SAFe  

Rational Prioritisation

Another excellent article on stakeholder value by our mentor, Tom Gilb. Read about the principles of rational prioritisation here Well done, Tom!  

Field of Dreams Marketing

It was 2005, some years after the dotcom boom and a financial software house asked Colin to help with a project they just couldn’t seem to deliver. Colin sat down at the table with the development team and Henry, the…

Missing Stakeholder Value

Willy the CEO slammed down his mobile after another ear bashing from his biggest investor. He took a breath, dialled the newly appointed CTO and explained the situation. “We’re in the last chance saloon, RJ. The board have given us…