Agile principles for food service?

It’s well-known that the principles underlining the Agile movement have been around a long time before the IT industry got hold of them.  It is a credit to the principles that they are also used in other industries to define the foundations for many establishments that are attempting to engage positively with their customers and workers.

David Putman and I were out for a meal the other day in a local restaurant where we picked up one of their leaflets, which was simply called ‘Our Principles’.  They sounded familiar…

·         Do ‘simple’ unbelievably well’: Simple’ requires great skill, passion, and training

·         Consistency is the ‘genius’: Anyone can be great now and again but to be consistently great is the thing.  There are no short cuts where reputation is concerned.

·         Hire the talented and driven ones:  The secret to success, and it’s no secret at all, is to work with the best.  Life is easier when you do that.  So we should take our tie when we hire.  Find those talented people who love food and people.  Train them like crazy. Then let them fly.

·         Always have the greatest respect for the customer: Always put them first

·         Fight the good fight daily: We want to show that quality can win.  That talent can triumph.  So our job is to build a team that cares about what we care about.  Because teams are much more powerful when they know what they are fighting for.

·         Fun stems from all that hard work we put in: When a business makes a decision to be great at what it does, when everyone has accepted all the hard work that entails, then something interesting happens.  Customers notice you care.  They say nice things about you. And the business grows.  And it’s fun.  And so all that hard work doesn’t seem so hard any more.

·         Being great value doesn’t mean being cheapest. : We want our customers to always think that was a fair price for that great product.

Taken from ‘Our principles,’ The 25 Mile Restaurant, Aberteifi, Ceredigion, Cymru