M: 020 3290 8874

Agility walking, generally eating and product consumer testing.

  • Tail strength building
  • Digital posing
  • Traffic analysis (woof for go, woof woof for stop)
  • Front end devouring
  • Back end delivery
  • Relationship uplifter
  • Cuddle and snuggles campaigner

Russell is the newest member of the team. He is best described as long in character, short in posture. He is a key part of the user experience for our team as one encounter with him is enough to encourage conversions for the snuggles and cuddle campaign.

Whilst learning serious computer skills – such as chewing cables to reduce power to a device and cleaning screens via the tongue – Russell has taught us a new and highly disruptive line of code: P > Code. In layman terms it means the urge to pee is greater than other line of code unless you wish for that rug to be piddled upon.

Russell has successfully mastered the art of eye contact. He has two distinct glares:

i. Please feed me
ii. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Look (i) is devoted to 95% of situations that Russell encounters on a day to day basis. Look (ii) is reserved for any other situation such as discussing product back logs left where they shouldn’t be and poor housekeeping skills.


  • Scrum-my Royal Cannin for Dachshunds.
  • Kong user tester (unpaid intern)
  • Google WoofWords
  • Search Engine Optimal Eyes for Food
  • Pay Per Woof
  • HTMLonghair
  • DACHS – Dozy And Charming Hairy Sod

Russell is partial to tripe and cheese. If you’re lucky enough, you can encourage small puddles being left by administering tickles behind the ear and furious belly rubs.