David Putman

SAFe Program Consultant
David Putman CSM

Organisational change for clients in all market sectors covering technical training, facilitation, coaching and mentoring to board level.

  • Change and transformation programs
  • Transition leadership
  • Interim Management
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Software development audits
  • Technical, process and management training
  • Technical recruitment management and assessment
  • Relationships with high-end outsourcing companies
  • Author, publisher, technical reviewer
  • International speaker

With a long-standing interest in quality management and process improvement, in 2001 David trained with one of the godfathers of Agile, Bob Martin, in Chicago, followed by six months working alongside ObjectMentor coaches on his first Agile transition. Since then he has transformed, coached and managed teams and organisations in the UK, Europe, South Africa and India. David has always been one of the foremost proponents of the need to improve quality in software development and is a popular speaker at local and international events. A Certified Scrum Master (CSM,) SAFe Agilist (SA) and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) David has many years experience of scaling practices that were originally intended for small teams and making them work at the enterprise level. Having been associated with several award winning teams and short-listed as Agile Coach of the year in 2011, David was awarded the Special Recognition award at the October 2012 Agile Awards ceremony in London for his services to the industry.

Industry Sectors

  • Retail, eCommerce, B2B, B2C
  • Finance, trading, investment, banking, information feeds
  • Telecomms
  • Publishing
  • Government, OS, Police, Education


  • Management coaching and mentoring
  • Agile training (SAFe, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP)
  • Recruitment management and assessment
  • Test Driven Development (C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, VB.Net, C++)
  • Software craftsmanship
  • Technical training and coaching (C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, VB.Net, C++)
  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure


“Personally, I thought the session was brilliant. Seeing all the work planned out (with tacit agreement from the whole team) has put a real bounce in my step! I think we are all seriously looking forward to delivering our work now, and are all committed to making this work!” – client

“Dave has developed and run a series of bespoke courses for Travis Perkins over the course of 1 year, working with External third parties and Internal staff.  He has successfully transitioned 100% of our (180 strong) development team over to TDD and the majority over to BDD,  OOD and J2EE.  Dave has also developed individuals so that we are now self-sustaining and self-reliant.  In addition Dave has coached the team on practical application of these techniques following the courses (which are also heavily reliant on practice).  We are very concerned to get the best possible training and coaching in the UK on these techniques.  We know what good looks like and Dave has delivered every step of the way.  Quite simply brilliant.”
Case Study: “The solution had a large focus on strong, disciplined engineering practices”
– client

“I hired David as an Agile Coach to help our very first venture into agile software development and it was the best money ever spent. David was instrumental in how we now do ‘agile’ in L&Q. The team’s ability to deliver one of the most successful IT / Business projects undertaken by L&Q had its foundations based on the guidance and coaching provided by David. Looking to see how to reemploy his skills and knowledge on the next major agile project”
– client

“David was great for egg! At the time, we were going through our Agile transformation, and David had a big impact and helped deliver towards our objectives. His work and influence was especially perceptible in the “teams’ Agile behaviour” implementation”
– client

“Dave is a no-nonsense agile mentor, very experienced, insightful and a natural leader. From high-level business and management strategy to low-level C++ code cutting, it is obvious to those that meet him that Dave knows what he’s talking about. Dave helps bring about rapid and tangible improvements to organisations”
– coaching colleague